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Sumptuously Illustrated by Full-page Plates reproduced by the finest 7nethod of Photo^iavure, from examples in the National and Private Galleries, and a Frontispiece in Colours on Japan paper. Another most useful table for reference is an alphabetical list of plates after Morland with names of engravers, sizes, etc. Two Guineas, obtainable only by ordering direct, with remittance, from The Art Trade Press, Ltd,, I Maxwell House, Arundel Street strand, London, W. Advertisements Hanfstaengl, Fine Art Reproducer and Publisher, 16, Pall Mall East, S. ■"■■ Hanfstaengl i^"ii"™ THE Reference House of every School of Art. The increase, in the main, is due to the much larger number of engravings offered for sale during the year at Christie's, one collection — the Theobald — alone occupying nine days in its disposal. Payable 10 francs on subscribing, and the balance in two equal instalments on delivery of the volumes.

Collectors will appreciate the carefully prepared Appendices which show the prices obtained for the original paintings, and of mezzotint and other engravings from them, for many years past. A LL the important Pictures in nearly all of THE PUBLIC GALLERIES and many PRIVATE COLLECTIONS OF EUROPE have been reproduced by Hanfstaengl. Published ia Uniform Series at i/- and 6/- each — over 9,000 subjects. In last year's issue the number of entries in the Index was about 20,000 ; in this volume it exceeds 30,000. Paper covers, 60 francs ; bound, 5 francs per volume extra.

List of Sales Index : — Pictures Drawings Engravings :— Artists Engravers PAGE XV 421—454 457—472 475— 4S7 491—523 Art Prices Current.

" The five volumes will no doubt take rank amongst the standard publica- tions of the twentieth century.' — Studio.

" Do not know what we did without it before." Hanfstaengl's say: — " Proved very satisfactory." Hyde Park Gallery: — "Where 30 pictures before, can now show 300." Fine Art Society: — "Oh, yes!

Fores says: — "Concentrates the buyer's attention." Ackermann's say: — " Saved many damaged pictures. " I Hke the screen, for it puts on show Drawings that could not be exhibited before." — Mr. "It's a fine idea; people stop and are interested." — Mr. Combridge, Dublin: — " Been very useful ; made extra sales." anva NTflrpc i Warpless!

BRYAN'S DICTIONARY of PAINTERS - - - AND ENGRAVERS. With 500 Illustrations, including 40 Photogravure Plates. Many persons, without doubt, possess works of art which they will find, on consulting the Dictionary, possess considerable value. A dictionary of the monograms and marks of particular collection*, the signatures of the principal artists, etc.

Artistic productions represent in value many millions of pounds, and, apart from a few rare examples, the value of such treasures is but little known.

The subjects included in this edition are fifty-six in number, and comprise "The Angler's Repast" and "Dancing Dogs" ; such illustrations of child life as the "Playing at Soldiers," "The Kite Entangled," "Birds Nesting," "Nutting," and " The Angry Farmer "; several of his subject pictures, of which " Lcetitia " and " The Recruit " series are examples : Stable and Rural scenes, such as "The Reckoning," "The Postboy's Return," " The Benevolent Sportsman," "The Turnpike Gate," "Gipsies," and the "Farmer's Stable " ; and a selection of the Coast and Fishing scenes. Photogravure & Half-tone Block Maker & Printer to the Trade. In the amount of information it contains, the third volume of Art Prices Current shows a considerable advance upon its two predecessors. By a number of French and Foreign Specialists, under the direction of E. Two large volumes, octavo, each containing more than 1 ,000 pages with numerous illustrations aher the Masters.

We are enabled, by a special arrangement with the publisher, to offer this splendid record of Morland's work at £2 2s. i™™^™ Hanfstaengl "^"^ undertakes the entire production of Illustrated Catalogues of Private Picture Collections, including photographing, plate making, block making, &c. Critical and Descriptive Dictionary ®t ipaintcrs, Wcsigncts, i Sngtavets, Sculptors, of all times an O countries.

Frames of every description for Water Color Drawings. Write for Estimates, Private Galleries hung and kept in order by workmen used to handling Obiets D'Art of great value.

(1908-9) are still on sale at 1 0/6 net, 1 1 /- post free. has yet appeared, and it may be being more than a mere offshoot hoped that the publisher's inten- or supplement, is sure to be tion to continue it year by year useful and welcome to collectors." will be carried out." Globe. " Will be welcomed by " Must be of great interest most connoisseurs." and value to artists, collectors and dealers." Picture and Art Trade (Chicago).

We are assured that the volume in its enlarged and improved form will be more than doubled in value.

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