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Jeff is happily married and has two children as well as a furry four-legged family member. The cost for 2 hours of CE Credit is $20 per agent. Host: Morgan Bolinder 2 big reasons you should learn about the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase: 1) Increase your business 2) Create consistent lead flow Otherwise known as HECM for Purchase (Home equity conversion mortgage).

Jeff is very active and enjoys working out, playing baseball, skateboarding, snowboarding and jiu-jitsu. An FHA program designed to help seniors age 62 and over purchase a new home without monthly mortgage payments.

He brings a lot of value to the course since he can intermingle his knowledge of real estate and mortgages into the subject material.

Hosted by: Penny Crook This class is complementary and includes 2 CE credits the money to buy AND rehab properties?

There are reasons successful and savvy investors utilize hard money in their real estate investing.

It is not just for people with bad credit any more.This along with all the benefits and advantages of using the Reverse Mortgage to assist with buying a home.Secondly, the student will be introduced to brand new proprietary lending products called “Expanded Access” that Synergy One Lending has brought to the market.52 million Baby Boomers surveyed are not living in a home that meets their lifestyle plan.These aging Boomers are looking for a professional like you to help them upsize, downsize or rightsize.He quickly fell in love with taking care his clients from end to end, and better educating them on insurance and insurance risks.

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