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I know that the javascript will work with a download dialog since that is what I orginally wrote this stuff for was a download site that had a download dialog.

I wanted the page to refresh after the download link was clicked. Leave the meta tag, but add the javascript to the button click of the download link.

It does go back every single time, but I still have to hit the IE Refresh button to force IE to get the newly rebuilt web page instead of the old one it already has: print '<script language="javascript">'; print "\n"; print "<!

I'm familar with the embedded metatag refresh every X seconds; I don't want the refresh unless the web page has been rebuilt.

What I want is just a one-shot refresh just like the web page was never in the cache and has to be reloaded unconditionally.

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If you goto your browers menu and do a view then source you should be able to see if the meta tag is still there or not.

If a postback is happening and the meta tag is getting removed then you need to add some code in your pageload event. Is Post Back then put the code in to add the meta tag in dynamically.I would appreciate a comment more then good if you are going to give it a 2.Ben I have a web page that rebuilds itself with new data everytime the viewer clicks a link.If the tax tables have updated manually later during the day and somebody wants to see the new settings now to verify them, by clicking on a "rebuild" link on the webpage a Perl CGI script kicks off and recreates all the HTML on the web page that would have been done 3AM the next day on the server, and then returns the new page to the user.But because the web page is still cached up in the user's IE browser, it still displays that (old) page until you hit the Refresh (F5) key.How can I force IE to clear its cache before the javascript:history.back() command is executed?

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