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“There is evidence that couples are setting themselves a ‘to do’ list before getting married – perhaps buying a house, getting the perfect job or buying the dream car.As money gets tighter, these things get harder to achieve, and we could see less couples tying the knot as a result.” Anastasia de Wall, director of family a the think tank Civitas, said that it was inevitable as a greater proportion of women went to university that marriage ages would increase.

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Just 1.92 per cent of unmarried women and 2.13 per cent of unmarried men wed during the year, compared with peak of 8 per cent of men and 6.3 per cent of women during World War II, when many rushed to marry before they were sent off to fight.

Experts said the poor state of the economy was a leading factor in the deterioration of marriage rates.

The average age at which women and men get married has been getting consistently later in recent years.

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