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There are millions of computers and other devices that get infected by viruses every year, and cleaning them up is a big business.

Some viruses are less serious – they simply pop-up an annoying message.

Others will not only try to steal sensitive information from you, but also use your computer as a processing machine for illegal activities.

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Even if you remove your previous antivirus, entries for it may still remain in the Registry and cause various issue with your new antivirus solution.

So, make sure to remove absolutely all the files, folders and Registry entries of your previous antivirus. If it works for some time, there is a chance it may be running some applications that block the installation of the antivirus software.

We also recommend you to use a dedicated tool to remove software leftovers.

Whenever you install a piece of software, it also installs several files and probably Registry entries in order to work efficiently.

To make sure that you’re running the latest Windows 10 updates, go to Settings Make sure you do not have another antivirus installed on your computer.

If you missed this, delete the current antivirus and try to install AVG again.

Does AVG installation freezes every time you try to run it?

This article lists the most common elements which could cause these installation fails, as well as the actions you can perform to fix this issue.

If you do not know what installation was running, consider that it may be an update to the software or operating system.

This error occurs when on your computer, different software with the same features as AVG (e.g.

This can be solved by reinstalling the antivirus with the method specified above.

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