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Life changes in the blink of an eye: Jamie was 21 when she found out she had leukemia in July 2009.

Her profile says, “Up until then I was an athletic, carefree young adult.

A Melanoma Journey: Sam is a “20-something year old Canadian who likes dogs, hiking and cross country skiing.” She was also diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma in February 2014.

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Positively Surviving Cancer: The author writes about being one half of a couple where both members have been diagnosed with cancer.

Roughing It In The Books: Melanie has three daughters, a husband, a list of reasons why she’s not ready to die yet, and stage 4 cancer.

Dear Thyroid: Written by and for thyroid (disease/cancer) patients, and their families. Death To Bob: Sarah’s “blog about a blob named Bob,” also known as “her battle with myxoid liposarcoma.” The Diary of Nalie Agustin: Nalie says she “started blogging in 2013, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at only 24 years old.

Writing became my therapy, and as my stories began to inspire people around the world, it turned into my passion.” Do I Have A Story For You: Katie offers “a little insight into facing choriocarcinoma.” Dream Creator: This started out as a personal blog about my desire to move to Mexico, four entries in, I found my lump.

I had played hockey since I was six and was very fit.

My life literally changed in the blink of an eye that July evening.” Life, Interrupted: Suleika Jaouad -hosted, Emmy Award-winning blog documenting her cancer experience.

Now I blog about being a 30-year old, mother of two, with breast cancer.

Full Of Grace: Cheryl writes about her experiences with follicular lymphoma, from coping with side effects to fertility preservation.

Smile Through The Fog: Kim says she “started blogging and sharing my story through social media with the hopes of reaching out to other young women going through the same thing and letting them know they were not alone” after being diagnosed with breast cancer at 34.

Steffiellie: One girl’s thoughts on cancer and life.

She makes playlists, writes candidly, and includes lots of pictures to keep it interesting. With: A suggestion from a friend, a timely encounter with a 29-year old two-time cancer victim, and Sexy Crazy Cancer Tips inspired Carolyn Van to write about cancer after being diagnosed in March 2014.

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