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The movie "Swingers" even had a key scene discussing this rule and the theory behind it: "So, I had plans with this girl but she texted me and had to cancel last minute. Unfortunately, things aren’t so clear cut these days.

There is no potential benefit in not having the ball in your court.

Re-arranging a date with a girl who flaked out isn’t the only time "keeping the ball in your court" is applicable.

Let’s say her text said something like: Hopefully you ruled out Response A.

It is a clear demonstration that you’re too available.

That’s going a require a lot more effort on her part than just responding to a text or call from you at a later date.

Lastly, keeping the ball in your court involves more than contact.

You may think Response A is the most direct way to answer that question. But Response B has let you keep the ball in your court, because you can propose another time to meet yourself.

Some of you may think there’s not a material difference between Response B and Response C.

" In the pre-texting era, The Two Day Rule was all you really needed to know. If you got her answering machine, you hung up and didn’t leave a message and then you’d call the next day.

For starters, when you ask for a girl’s number, it’s pretty likely she’ll ask for yours in return.

In the days of the Two Day Rule and before Caller ID, if you called a girl and she didn’t answer, you just didn’t leave a message.

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