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When this presuppositional bias is removed, the remaining evidence confirms that the gospels were written in the lifetimes of the eyewitnesses. Warner Wallace is a Cold-Case Detective, a Christian Case Maker, and the author of Cold-Case Christianity, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, and God’s Crime Scene. Here we have in a convenient nutshell the basic reasons behind the widely accepted dates for the Gospels.The continuing discovery of early fragments of New Testament documents corroborates this early dating.

After all, how could Jesus possess the supernatural power of prophecy if nothing supernatural exists?

The philosophical naturalism of the secular historian prevents him from accepting the possibility of accurate prophecy.

The gospels also contain many descriptions of miracles.

The philosophical naturalist must also deny the truthfulness of these supernatural accounts.

Again, even the absolute (as opposed to relative) dates are not so certain as appears here, since it has been reasonably argued that the events in Mark’s “Olivet Prophecy/Little Apocalypse” echo more specifically the events of the Bar Kochba war in the early second century.

(See an earlier post for details and links.) Dating Matthew and Luke Once more Ehrman gives reasons for assigning Matthew and Luke a decade or more subsequent to Mark.

No absolute dates (as for Paul in the 50’s, and knowledge of events that took place in 70 ce) are or can be independently determined here.

The absolute dates cited (80-85 ce) are based solely on a hypothetical construct of gospel origins and on a placement relative to Mark.

Not long ago, Daniel Wallace (no relationship to me, except that all us Wallace’s claim to descend from William) posted some great news about an early fragment of the Book of Romans that was recently discovered.

This fragment dates to the early third century which puts it in rare company.

Dating Paul The grounds stated for dating Paul to the 50’s seems reasonable enough.

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