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On the Big Picture tonight, CNNMoney Switzerland launches “The Big Tour,” a new summer series that will take viewers on a journey to each of the country's 26 cantons.It starts off in Bern, the second-largest canton and home to the national capital.

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As this year's Montreux Jazz Festival comes to a close, CEO Mathieu Jaton wraps up the event with CNNMoney Switzerland's Ana Maria Montero, citing British trip-hoppers Massive Attack and acid-jazz band Jamiroquai as personal highlights.

Meanwhile, in film news, insects can be superheroes, too, especially when they have the might of the Marvel brand behind them.

With several blockchain start-ups headquartered in Zug, Switzerland is considered a pioneer in the new technology.

At the recent Tech Crunch conference held in Zug's "cryptovalley," editor at large Mike Butcher told CNNMoney Switzerland's Eléonore Payro why decentralization is one of the reasons Switzerland is ahead of the curve in what he calls "the new internet." It's Friday!

"Most of our employees are local and we have to train them," says CEO of Dätwyler Group, Dirk Lambrecht.

In dialogue with CNNMoney Switzerland’s Amanda Kayne, he tells us what his company is doing to transform what has traditionally been a man’s world.Marzipan and poppy seed, pineapple and basil, or mare di nutella anyone?As temperatures rise, CNNMoney Switzerland’s new series “The Big Tour” stops at the Gelateria di Berna, one of Switzerland’s hottest artisanal gelaterias.Benartzi was at the Tech Crunch conference in Zug, where she talked to CNNMoney Switzerland. Online alternative finance is a broad term that has allowed trading to occur outside the traditional realms of banking.Crowdfunding is one such example, occupying a large piece of the alternative finance pie.The capital of Switzerland is not just the country's political center but also has a major sweet tooth.

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