Beersheba dating jewish

East of the central highlands lies the Jordan Rift Valley, which is a small part of the 4,040-mile (6,500-kilometer) Great Rift Valley.In Israel the Rift Valley is dominated by the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee (an important freshwater source also known as Lake Tiberias and to Israelis as Lake Kinneret) and the Dead Sea.

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Beersheba dating jewish

It is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) wide at Gaza and narrows toward the north to about three miles (5 kilometers) at the Lebanese border.

The region is fertile and humid, has had problems with malaria, and is known for its citrus and viniculture. East of the coastal plain lies the central highland.

During the Roman period, the Iudaea Province (including Samaria) covered most of Israel and the Palestinian territories.

But following the Bar Kokhba rebellion in the second century, as part of a program of cooptation and forced migration, the Romans tried to erase the Jewish connection to the land of Judea, renaming it Syria Palaestina.

In the north lie the mountains and hills of Galilee; farther to the south are the Samarian Hills with numerous small, fertile valleys; and south of Jerusalem are the mainly barren hills of Judea.

The central highlands average 2,000 feet (610 meters) in height and reach their highest elevation at Har Meron, at 3,963 feet (1,208 meters) in Galilee near Safed.

Israel is divided into four main geographical regions: the Israeli Coastal Plain, the central hills, the Jordan Rift Valley, and the Negev Desert.

The coastal plain stretches from the Lebanese border in the north to Gaza in the south, interrupted only by Cape Carmel at Haifa Bay.

The coastal climate differs from that of the mountainous areas, particularly during the winter.

The northern mountains can get cold, wet and often snowy, and even Jerusalem has snow every couple of years.

Part of the region is known as the Holy Land and is held sacred by Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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