Before updating to xp sp3

There is simply no way to upgrade from Windows XP and keep your files, settings and programs.

It isn't a limitation of Windows 10 but a built-in limitation of XP.

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Use 32-bit only if your computer doesn't have a 64-bit processor - it may not if it is an XP PC.

You need to save the file, and create a bootable DVD or USB thumb drive.

Given that you will be doing this a lot, it may be worth purchasing Windows 10 media instead.

If you are a business customer, speak to your sales rep.

If you have misplaced the keys, use a free program such as Magical Jellybean Keyfinder to search the Windows registry for these codes, and then write them down.

Encourage your colleagues to back up their email inboxes, and export internet bookmarks and other settings that they want to keep.

We have touched on the latter above, but suffice to say that in a cross-platform world you want to be able to sync with the latest hardware and software.

XP will be able to do that only to a decreasing extent. More important, perhaps, is the security threat inherent in running an OS that is no longer supported.

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