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I am NOT interested in a single shot gun (like the Spartan or the Rossi) or in any flavor of a double-barreled shotgun. Yes, it is made in Turkey, but a copy of the Berreta. Fit and finish on mine are excellent - although it is a matte finish versus glossy. I wish there were more information available for the CZ 720, including over-sized images files so I can get a closer look (..a computer monitor...).

I'm also willing to consider a used 1100 or 870, but the condition must be Excellent (like this fine specimen). The CZ website has a number of feedback forums, and overall the feedback on the 720 has been pretty good.

For work, see how you can rearrange or compartmentalize different aspects of your day so that your brain enjoys a little bit of variation.

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This puts the Remington 870 Wingmaster 20 in the running at 6.25 lbs.

The CZ 720 is intriguing, mostly on account of its low price relative to the Rem 1100 auto loader.

I probably won't be buying anything for at least 6 months or so; maybe by then there will be more review information available for the CZ 720. Actually, 1 in 10 negative posts sounds pretty good, because you have to remember most satisfied customers won't comment on thier purchase, but if somebody gets one that has something wrong they generally will try and find some way to fix it. I heard Beretta's cutting thier deal with Walmart and taking this gun to standard gunshops.

Its available in 20 gauge and Synthetic and Wood stocks (and that butt ugly X-Tra wood).

That means I'll have to tear the gun down each time I store it (and obviously re-assemble it whenever I go shooting). Quick, fun, and I'll embarrass hunters with their 12 gages if they slip up. You just can't go wrong in the purchase, and if you didn't like it. Remington has expanded their 1100 line and is building seven different 1100 models in 2005. I must have had a bad experience with a 12-gauge mule kicker as a kid.

Between the 3 guns I've mentioned (12 gauge only with 3" or smaller chamber), which one breaks down the easiest and can hold up to years of such "abuse"? Basically, I'm a whimp when it comes to felt recoil.

A 2016 survey by the Vision Council revealed that as many as 65 percent of Americans deal with eye strain after staring at a computer screen for several hours at a time.

If you want to work on decreasing the level of discomfort here, do your best to try looking at only one screen most of the time, rather than toggling back and forth between phone In addition to your eyes becoming dry or sore, your vision can literally go blurry if you stare at nothing but a screen for hours on end.

Here are some ways to avoid this: Keep your face at least a foot away from any screen, take intermittent breaks away from your screen (treat yourself to a coffee!

), and make it a point to do As a college professor, I see this inability to converse directly with other human beings.

You get one shot whether its a bolt action, pump, auto, or break action.

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