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“If [a service] tells me I’m 95% Ashkenazi Jewish and 5% Korean,” he asked, “is that really different from 100% Ashkenazi Jewish and 0% Korean?

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As you would at a good sushi restaurant, however, you’ll want to watch your bill.

Family Tree DNA’s à la carte approach can quickly add up; you can spend three and a half times more than the testing cost of our main pick.

“It’s something you do with, not instead of, regular [genealogy] research.

Except in very close relationships, DNA alone can’t provide the answer.

As a society we make fundamental decisions based on notions of ethnicity and race.

The fact remains however, that 99.9 percent of our genetic makeup is identical for all humans.

But these genealogist-oriented add-ons mean you can spend up to three times what you would with our top pick.

Our upgrade pick offers the same type of ethnicity estimates as Ancestry DNA at a similar price but the company offers a more comprehensive suite of testing options than any service we evaluated, with additional tools that should satisfy genealogy buffs looking to explore their connections to early human migration or find relatives from one particular side of their family tree.

It is, however, just one tool in the genealogy tool belt, and is far from the final word in establishing family connections.

“DNA works hand-in-hand with paper trail documentation,” said Judy Russell, genealogy lecturer, educator, and author of the blog, The Legal Genealogist.

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