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Its tales are often passed from senior Web developers to junior ones when the day turns to night and their Web site's resource loading order makes very little sense: "Have you heard of the preloader?

[…] I have been doing a lot of work this year about creating a performance culture within a company.

This means that visitors of your website or mobile app may be getting images in much lower quality than you’re serving.

I’ve decided to have a closer look at what exactly these proxies do to images […] It goes by many names – some call it the preload scanner, others the speculative parser or the look-ahead downloader.

We reduce or remove requests, compress our assets and minify Java Script and CSS.

It’s all good stuff, but it’s only part of the picture.

But you still need to prove […] React is a Java Script library for building user interfaces developed by Facebook.

It has been designed from the ground up with performance in mind.

Some companies have the budgets to hire people who work on WPO full time.

Those companies are able to do that thanks to huge revenues – otherwise it would not be financially justifiable.

There is always […] Everyone knows that third party content can be a real problem for your website.

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