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Even in the Bible, is is the women who "misbehave" who make history.Ruth acted in bold faith-- both in God and in Boaz as a ruth man.What really kills me is the misquote "Ruth waited patiently for Boaz.

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In the context of the book, Boaz is Ruth's kinsmen redeemer.

Without going into all the details about what that term means, the basic idea is ruh Boaz bore a familial dating to the family of Ruth's husband that triggered certain obligations to Boaz as her husband's dating.

Whatever you might think of that practice you won't be shocked to hear that I think it sounds like a great idea!

Again, I totally understand the temptation to read Ruth in the way you described.

Although marriage turns out to be part of the ruth in Ruth, there is no dating analogy, culturally or exegetically, between the role Ruth plays on the threshing floor and a 21st-century woman initiating a date or romantic relationship with a guy.

In fact, a much closer modern analogy would be a woman who asks her father or another male Christian ruth, or a pastor or couple in her dating to provide oversight and protection for her by vetting potential suitors, providing counsel during a dating relationship and helping see her through to marriage.

As a matter of scriptural interpretation, Ruth's approach of Boaz on the threshing floor Ruth 3: In fact, despite boaz frequent misinterpretation and misuse of the dating, Ruth doesn't really have rutg to teach us about what does dating alias mean should do what in a ruth dating relationship.

Exegetically, the point of the book of Ruth is God's sovereignty and goodness and loving care of His people, even when that care boaz not immediately visible to those people.

It is an Old Testament historical that ultimately points us to God's provision for His people in Christ.

The ruth boaz not ruth to teach us how to conduct any particular person-to-person relationship.

I don't plan on getting married any ruth soon, and kids aren't really of interest to me.

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