Biggest dating mistakes women make

If you can get a handle on the things on this list, I guarantee you’ll notice your relationship drastically change for the better.

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On the flipside of the coin, it’s possible to say too much. Don’t make it a laundry list of the things you aren’t looking for in a partner.

Also, don’t waste space with defensive statements like: “I don’t have any baggage and I’m not looking for anyone who does”.

I’ve been writing about relationships for a while now and can’t help but notice common themes that emerge over and over again in the questions we receive from readers.

No matter what stage of life, or what stage in the relationship.

Meanwhile, women are making completely different mistakes but ending up in the same place.

Women have a tremendous amount of power when it comes to finding love on sites like, e Harmony, OKCupid, POF, or any of the thousands of dating sites out there, but many of them end up quitting because they feel powerless When it comes to finding the right match.

That amount of over-sharing and negativity can turn off even the most compatible match.

Instead, keep it positive and just talk about who you are and what you are looking for in a partner. Give everything context, and don’t be afraid to share an anecdote or two.

Doing that will usually say more about you than a list of qualities ever will. You Aren’t Focusing Enough On What They Want This is one mistake for which both men and women are equally guilty.

We are so focused on who we want, that we often don’t make a real effort to look and see if we are what the other person is looking for.

Swipe apps are designed for extremely superficial attraction and casual connections. It is more of a matrimonial site than a dating site.

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