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I’d heard the theory before, but this was the first piece I’d seen on the web (although to be fair, it was my first time reading about the “long hair” theory which separated Asian women and black women.) HBD is exactly the same thing as scientific racism, the key difference is the focus: HBDers push the ideas that black people will never be smart enough to run their own countries, and that while Asian people are smart, the men aren’t as “alpha” as other races.As one prominent young Asian American HBD proponent says: I believe Asian females gravitate towards white males because of a combination of genetics and the natural laws of attraction. Even with copious amounts of game, there is not much a 5-7 beta Asian can do when pitted in a fight for an Asian female with an Alpha Aryan.

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Of course, we’ve had our own talks about Human Bio Perversity…er Biodiversity…on this site.

We had an interesting podcast with an Asian American Human Bidiversisist (is that the word?

But even if it were possible…few people think that the results would be equal.

If I compared population heights, vertical jumps, IQ, bowling scores, head sizes, or whatever, it’s highly unlikely that I’d get the Well…hardly anyone is arguing with that.

Bloom was not a racist, but he was a strong advocate for open-mindedness towards people with different views, and he believed it was in our best interest to listen to those who believed in unpolitically correct theories, such as scientific racism.

I ran into scientific racism again with the Bell Curve by Herrnstein and Murray.The Bell Curve wasn’t nearly as racist as people made it out–the race thing was only a small part of the book–but it was a turning point for the resurgence of the movement.Years later, I first saw the term “Human Biodiversity” years ago when I read Steve Sailer’s “Is Love Colorblind“–which pushed a common theory on why there are more AF/WM and WF/BM couples than WF/AM and BF/WM couples.But it’s been some time since the HBDers have brought anything new to the table, so it’s unlikely that my views will change much on this topic in the future. In the following LONG blog post, you can read about my history with HBD, the full history of HBD, why there are so many Asian American male HBD proponents, and what we need to do going forward to deal with the HBD problem.Here’s my brief history: I first ran into scientific racism in the excellent book “The Closing of the American Mind” by Allan Bloom.Some of them were among “…the greatest thinkers of the Enlightenment.

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