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In 2002, he was arrested for possession of marijuana, speeding, and having no driver's license or proof of insurance.

In 2003, he was sentenced to eight days in jail for drunk driving, and later that year he was arrested for violating probation when he flew to L. to perform in an awards ceremony, despite a court order than he not leave Georgia.

Actress Megan Fox, who starred in The Transformers series, and her husband, Desperate Housewives actor Brian Austin Green, chose the same baby name for their second son Bodhi.

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In 2004, he was briefly jailed for failure to pay child support for two of his three children born out of wedlock.

He was ten years in arrears, and told the judge he had no source of income, but came up with $63,500 after the first night of a 90-day sentence. 20-Jan-2011)Sister: Tina Brown Sister: Lele Brown Brother: Tommy Brown Sister: Bethy Brown Sister: Carolyn Brown Brother: Derrick Brown Son: Bobby Brown Jr. 24-Apr-2007, one daughter)Daughter: (broken link, Bobby Kristina Brown) (b. 26-Jul-2015)Wife: Alicia Etheridge (manager, together since 2006, m. 1-Jun-2009) New Edition Vocalist (1981-86) Bobby Brown Betty Ford Center 1995 Hazelden 1998 Driving While Intoxicated Georgia (convicted, 1996) Battery Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL (20-Apr-1995) Battery West Hollywood, CA (Aug-1995) Violating Probation Oct-1998 Violating Probation Florida (May-2000) Violating Probation Georgia (Aug-2003) Violating Probation Feb-2004 Sexual Battery California (Jun-1998, later dropped) Brain Seizure Morristown, NJ (Aug-2001) Drug Possession: Marijuana Atlanta, GA (Nov-2002) Failure to Pay Child Support $63,000 in unpaid child support (Mar-2004) Failure to Appear for contempt complaint (29-Jun-2009) Driving While Intoxicated Los Angeles, CA (arrested 26-Mar-2012, pled no contest) Driving with a Suspended License Los Angeles, CA (arrested, 26-Mar-2012) Driving While Intoxicated Los Angeles, CA (arrested 24-Oct-2012, pled guilty) Risk Factors: Alcoholism, Cocaine, Bipolar Disorder, Marijuana Gang of Roses (10-Oct-2003) Go For Broke (27-Jun-2002) Two Can Play That Game (29-Aug-2001) · Michael A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (3-Apr-1996) · Tee Panther (3-May-1995) Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (19-May-1990) Ghostbusters II (16-Jun-1989) · Mayor's Doorman Krush Groove (25-Oct-1985) · Himself Be Somebody...

Brown has said that with his marriage, his career seemed to go downhill and his drug use began to grow. Daughter: La Princia Brown Son: Landon Brown Girlfriend: Kim Ward (mother of two of his children)Wife: Whitney Houston (m.

Despite having made millions, he has little money left of his own.

Ward is the mother of two children — La Princia, 14, and Bobby Jr., 12, according to the Boston Herald — Bobby fathered before marrying Whitney Houston.

Brown had been under a court order to pay ,500 a month to Ward and had complied since the case was adjudicated in the early '90s, according to Norfolk County Register of Probate Patrick Mc Dermott, until last May, when the payments stopped.

His second album, Don't Be Cruel, was a popular mix of classic soul, synth-funk, and hip-hop, and won him his first solo Grammy and his unofficial title "the King of New Jack Swing".

His hits included "My Prerogative" and "Every Little Step".

Brown was in the midst of serving a 60-day sentence in De Kalb County for violating his drunken-driving probation (see "Bobby Brown Sentenced To 60 Days For Probation Violation") when he was released to attend Wednesday's mandatory child-support hearing.

"It was an emergency based upon the fact that the family of Mr.

Bobby Brown obviously wasn't channeling the future when he told reporters earlier this week, "This is the last time you'll see me coming out of [jail] or going in." The 35-year-old R&B singer headed back to jail Wednesday (March 24) — this time in Massachusetts' Norfolk County — pending payment of ,000 in back child support to ex-girlfriend Kim Ward.

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