Bonang and sizwe dating Sex dating in grafton illinois

Nowadays with catering companies, gift registries and digital guest books the perfect wedding is no longer the stuff of dreams.

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I was 23 when I left university and got a job at PWC.

My long term boyfriend studied engineering at the same university with me.

In the time we separated I dated other people so it was not cheating but it was never quite like my relationship with Mthobisi.

When I got pregnant we had already decided to get married because in all honesty we had everything in place to start a family.

We set the date almost six months prior but I don’t know how it happened by the time the big date came I was already 14 weeks pregnant.

At least it was not showing otherwise people would have said it was a shotgun wedding.

Women with power tend to oppress other women but that’s a story for another day. Finally the moment of truth came, fine it wasn’t the first time we had done but every time felt new and fantastic.

This was not making love, this was straight fucking as he went down on me with his tongue making circles where it mattered most and I must admit I orgasmed twice before he even came up for breath! He penetrated me with such force my sub conscience screamed hallelujah! I clung on to him for dear life as though I owned the very breath he breathed.

It was warm and steady and I could smell a bit of mint in it.

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