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This turned out to be particularly bad because the manager in question was married, and not to this server. We finally wound up transferring him to another unit, after a severe write-up that documented the incident was placed in his personnel file.

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The second and most probable outcome is that you will break up. Think about the worst breakup that you've had with a significant other. Now picture that happening in front of everyone at work.

At best, you'll be pitied by the staff members who are sympathetic. And nevermind the potential for humiliating or embarrassing "episodes"...

Think about what that will do to your credibility and all of your hopes and aspirations of promotion.

When I was vice president of operations of a regional restaurant chain, this sort of scenario played itself out twice.

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In the sciences, it is important to distinguish between precision and accuracy.See the difference between accurate and precise measurements in the bull’s eye figure below.Scientists want measurements that are both accurate and precise…At the time, it seems simple: You're attracted to someone at work, and he or she is attracted to you.You share the same hours and some of the same interests. But getting intimate with an employee is deceptively complicated.It can lead to everything from a loss of respect among your staff to a sexual harassment lawsuit.

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