Bpd woman dating married man

One of the contentions I have with the treatment is that they never stopped treating for ADHD.

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I guess it’s predominantly a woman in the situation, to the point that one of my counselors kept on remarking that I had the woman’s role in all of this. I can’t directly tell her she is in a manic episode, because I’m viewed often as the enemy or the source of her problems.

I have to be very careful about what I say to my wife about her illness. I have to get outside help to convince her what’s obvious to me.

I had to approach her ADHD doctor and tell her what was really going on.

They put on a very good outside face and they’re very horrible to people inside their family that are burdening them.

When I talk to her physician, she’s not in the room and there isn’t a privacy issue because I approach them and say, “I’m in the middle of this. I’m telling you everything and you benefit from it in any way you want. If it doesn’t, I don’t know what to do.”It was to a point of desperation, actually.

Unfortunately, when you’re the spouse it’s a lot different than more distance family.In this post I will address how children are effected by their parent’s affairs.In subsequent posts I will discuss the effects on adult children of affairs and offer suggestions for parents involved in affairs on how to best support their children through this difficult time.I’ve volunteered for travel for work to get some distance.She went off again today and I’ve got long emails in my box from the whole thing.In terms of how, a legal separation may address some concerns with breaking your marriage vows and is worth exploring.

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