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I played a little bit more golf before my wife and I had twins.Thankfully, my golf game hasn’t been neglected because of them.Andrews, Kingsbarn, Royal Troon, Prestwick, Turnberry, Carnoustie – we definitely got our money’s worth on the golf side of it. My dad had a set of left-handed clubs and I assumed that since I played hockey left-handed that I play golf the same way. I shot 75 there, so that instantly puts it up there.

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You choose to get on with your work and ignore distractions or you don’t. I don’t see no tumblr talking about Sidney’s person life. Questioning Shit and get mad when a person share something small about him.

But one skill very productive people appear to have that is not a choice is the ability to compartmentalize. What is compartmentalization To compartmentalize means you have the ability to shut out all distractions and other work except for the work in front of you. In psychology, compartmentalization is a defence mechanism our brains use to shut out traumatic events. Most of you guys are in denial about Sid and Kathy. HCC isn’t the only one dedicated to make a page about him .

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Thankfully my wife was understanding enough to know that it’s Augusta National and when you get that opportunity you can’t pass it up.

You have no idea of the undulation or the elevation changes there just by seeing it on television.

One day I just picked up a right-handed club and tried it from that side. I was a hack when I first came up with Dallas, and I remembered all the veteran guys (Modano, Brett Hull, Guy Carbonneau) were playing golf on their off-days. I’ve played Augusta National twice and it is awesome.

I wanted to play with them, but no one enjoyed playing with me. And it remained that way until the (2004-05) lockout. Both times came around Mother’s Day and my anniversary.

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