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And I’ve found a huge variety of flavors, each representative of its local cuisine but all connected as a quintessentially Jewish meal.*** The word , where it was cooked with lamb and chickpeas, and then migrated to France and the rest of Europe.Given my family’s long history with the dish, it’s not surprising that my love affair with cholent started at a young age.

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A married woman comes home, looks in the bed, and goes to the fridge.” Susskind received the biggest applause of the night.


Because Jews have been scattered all over the world for generations, however, there is no single recipe: The flavors have been refined according to each region’s tastes, resulting in a large variety of cholents.

I never knew these other types of cholent existed when I was growing up (other than those who blasphemously added ketchup or barbecue sauce).

My mother’s family was one of the last Jewish households to leave Detroit for the suburbs in the white flight of the 1960s.

One year on Sukkot, often a chilly holiday in Michigan, the family was huddled in the on a Friday night, eating bowls of warm cholent, a slow-simmering stew of meat, potatoes, and beans.They have a variety of names related to their country of provenance, but because of the fact that they are cooked overnight and eaten on Shabbat day they are all variations of cholent.Nathan’s (in Arabic it means “buried/covered,” which refers to how the stew was kept warm—buried underground with hot rocks over it), a cholent originally made by Spanish Jews in the 15th century.One Shabbat we went to the gigantic and beautiful Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue downtown.After davening, the small group of attendees was ushered into a separate room for , a cholent made with chicken instead of red meat and rice instead of barley.“Why do married women gain more weight than single women?

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