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When you see a group of two or three goons, Batarang them with your multiple Batarangs and perform ground takedowns quickly to finish them off.

Be sure to hit at least the henchman with the gun with a Batarang.


Hop down and begin attack, using quick Batarangs on the enemy with the electric wand.

Without guns, these enemies shouldn't make you break a sweat.

Immediately approach the Titan after this and beat on him a bit, being mindful of the thugs around you. If the Titan goes down on one knee, melee attack him and you'll hop onto his back.

Piggyback him around the room, smacking all of the henchmen.

Follow the Old Sewer path to the Main Sewer Junction, destroying Ivy's pods along the way. The treacherous path upwards is far easier this time around with your Line Launcher.

Use this to cross the gaps and follow the fallen columns just as before.It wouldn't hurt to lay down some explosive gel ahead of time to lead them into.Climb up the ledges, then use the Line Launcher to cross back to the cliff face. If you look on your map, you can see a distant spire in the northeast.A gaggle of gangsters is waiting in the Old Sewers -- one has a gun and another a knife.Try to target the thug with the firearm first, then use a combination of stun and melee attacks on the crew.Before exiting at the top, Line Launch west to the high aqueduct you couldn't reach before to grab the Riddler Trophy (Caves Riddle #10).

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