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The download will include information that is considered "public information" as provided in §846E-3.You may purchase the bulk data from the Sex Offender and Other Covered Offender Bulk Data application.

A hysterectomy done to treat uterine or ovarian cancer removes less tissue.

After taking out the cervix, the surgeon stitches the vagina at its top. The top of the vagina soon seals with scar tissue and becomes a closed tube.

With new surgical techniques and nerve-sparing surgery, problems like this are less common.

Still, some doctors may leave a catheter in the bladder for a few days after surgery to reduce urinary problems.

If a woman still cannot fully empty her bladder a few weeks after surgery, she may have long-term damage.

To prevent urinary tract infections, she may be taught to slip a small, soft tube, called a catheter, through the urethra and into the bladder to drain out the remaining urine. A few women may need to do this several times a day for the rest of their lives.

Chapter 846E, HRS, does not restrict where a registered covered offender may reside or work.

However, certain covered offenders, still under supervision, may have restrictions in their Terms and Conditions of supervision.

The public is given access to information regarding covered offenders pursuant to Chapter 846E, HRS.

Public access to this information is based solely on the fact of each offender's criminal conviction and is not based on an estimate of the offender's level of dangerousness.

For example, a judge may order that a registered covered offender may not contact or attempt to contact, directly or indirectly, any minor child, or reside in the same residence with minor children, without permission from the supervision officer.

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