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The scrolls found include copies of Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Kings and Deuteronomy, among other canonical works from the Hebrew Bible.

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Altogether seven scrolls were subsequently removed from the cave.” Over the next decade, local Bedouin and scientific researchers would discover the remains of more than 900 manuscripts in 11 caves.

Each cave is located near Qumran, the farthest one being just over one mile (1.6 km) to the north of the site.

De Vaux’s excavations revealed a room that he called the “scriptorium,” which had two inkwells along with plastered benches or tables.

It could have been used for writing scrolls and/or business records, depending on how the site is interpreted.

In an interview with the website Heritage Key, Peleg stressed that this outpost was a modest structure. All its purpose was was to see that no enemy army was coming to the Dead Sea shores, climbing the cliffs towards Jerusalem.” In 63 B.

C., the Romans took control of the Hasmonean Kingdom, and archaeological work indicates that Qumran transitioned to civilian use.

Recent archaeological work by Yitzhak Magen and Yuval Peleg of the Israel Antiquities Authority indicates that around 100 B. a Hasmonean military outpost with a watchtower and stables was constructed at Qumran.

The Hasmoneans were a dynasty of Jewish rulers that controlled a state centered in modern-day Israel.

Archaeological work indicates that a second settlement existed between roughly 100 B. It is in this settlement that many scholars believe at least some of the Dead Sea Scrolls were written before being hidden away.

Explorers first came across Qumran in the 19th century, and the site took on new importance with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The newly discovered 12th cave contained a blank scroll along with the remains of jars, cloth and a leather strap.

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