Grannychat - Captiveworks 100r updating instructions

If you unplug from the wall & remove the top cover you can esilly see if you have a large heat sink on the installed module. Tune to ch 9421 that is a HD ch on sat 110 TP 12399 if you can scan it in or it comes in you have the module. I have never seen a brand new receiver that shows those 2 sats with just a factory file installed out of the box..... You do need to make sure the sat settings are correct for your system. I know some users that are still using 168 & one really lazy user is still on 137 - lol May i know the settings for my box. one linkbox 8000 hd local, one dp33 switch, and a dish 500 sat, with 110 and 119. Do you have 2 single or 1 double lnb wich is 2 singles in 1 housing? If you have a double (2 in 1 housing) it is called a twin.

Some dealers include or install them others do not. If you find your S&Q is very low (usually under 50) you probably only have the factory module. Please ask me the apporpiate questions to get this issue resolved. The 512/184 combo has some issues & is supposed to be used with the 403 back up file which has a ch list included.

highlite and hit ok on the remote enter the P$ info...

captiveworks 100r updating instructions-64

they just work better if you do not get in a hurry and take shortcuts...

and then Hard Reboot with the rear switch before and after any file you install on any receiver.. Dish Pro LNB(11250) make sure you select the correct Port and correct TP for each sat when you set it up..

Did you actually install or did you move to a place that had a dish previously installed? Also we should know if your twin lnb says Dish Pro or Dish Pro Plus on the rear in big letters.

Do you have any experience or is this your first unit.

go back to the receiver insert the usb in again go to Upgrade by USB again Select the 1.61 file on the top line.. you should only have a backup file (original factory file) and the 1.61 file on it..

t=114359 unzip and put the unzipped abs file on the usb flash drive..

ok so i have removed the switch and i put the coax directly to the lnb, which by the way is a twin because it has 110 and 119 combined into one.

another problem i am having is that my box wont cfonnect to the p$, i have scanned what i have as far as 119 and i have channels in the epg, but no picture.

I will continue to read the links everyone has posted. For the Twin Dp Or Dpp Sat...............................119.............

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