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This carbon comes in a few different isotopic forms, such as carbon-14.

Carbon-14 is generated in the environment at a specific rate by comsic rays hitting the atmosphere.

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Second, nuclear testing between 1955 -1980 seriously hosed up the natural balance of C14 in the atmosphere, so any sample that died after 1955 would have a different ratio to measure. No matter what the facts say, it just can't be right, so they will go to any length to ignore it.

Luckily, C14 is not the only method of radiometric dating, nor is it even the most commonly used. Other naturally occurring isotopes can be used to go back even farther, since they can have much longer half-lives. Carbon dating isn't like looking at the date stamp on an item to see the date of manufacture, but it is accurate.

So if you know something died in 900AD, the carbon dating might say it was from 700 AD.

And, lastly, carbon dating is only for short-term dating. Anything older and you need to use another radioactive isotope to perform the test.

Creationists have latched onto the fact that science admits that aqueous environments can artificially inflate the results of carbon dating, peer-reviewed source. I never argue carbon dating because it's irrelevant to the age of the earth, given that it only works for about 50,000 years ago or so.

This is the story of dating something of a known age and finding it wrong. Rather, I bring up other radiometric dating methods (Potassium-Argon, Rubidium-Strontium, etc.), and, of course, the nearly-inarguable dendrochronology techniques that has been used to identify wood up to 11,000 years old (far older than biblical chronology).I hear it so fucking much EDIT: I mean did this actually happen Carbon dating is fickle in that you need to know how the carbon isotope ratios have changed in the atmosphere over time, and that fire can easily screw it up.That being said, over time science progressed to the point where it is damn reliable.We can calibrate this against some other things like dendrochronology and cave mineral deposits that give us accurate calendars.Couple of things though: It should be obvious that with a half-life of 5730 years, that too many half-lives will leave you with no carbon-14 left to measure. After that, we can't use radiocarbon dating to measure the age of a sample.Humans have evolved from previous species, like everything else. And the bible says that the world is 6,000 years old or so.

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