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Agricultural Resources: Rubber Crude Oil, Plywood, Timber.

Points of Interest: Sandy beaches of Asaba Koko Port Ajagbodudu, Olu's Palace.

Natural Resources: Clay Agricultural Resources: Tomatoes, Carrots, pepper Isorghum.

Points of Interest: Enchanting scenic view of the Rivers Niger and Benue confluence. Enemebia Falls, Kwaghir theatrical display, Ingongh Dance, Alekwu masquerade Ogagany Dance, Pleasant beaches, numerous fishing festivals.

Borno State Capital: Maiduguri Main Towns: Borno, Bade, Fika, Biu, DGwoza, Nguru, Geidam, Gas, Konduga, Monguno, Potiskum, Bama.

This thread reveals our need to move away and divest from our Crude oil blindness . Agricultural Resources: Coffee, Rice milling, Seed crushing for oil.

The North has ruled Nigeria more than the south Yet the North remains the poorest of the poor Why is that so, Alj Harem Yorubaman who wannabe Kanuri? Before all this is done the FG has to have a good system to make sure people do not vandalise this sites as the case of zamfarai believe this would put less pressure of oil producing states and in short. Agricultural Resources: Largest Palm Forest in Nigeria Points of Interest: Ibeno famous for yatching and swimming, Oron Museaum - collection of finest carvings in Africa, Opobo Boatyard. Anambra State Capital: Awka Main Towns: Onitsha, Awka, Njikoka, Amawbia Natural Resources: Iron Ore, Limestone, Coal Fine Clay, Marble and Silica Sand, Lead, Zinc, Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Agricultural Resources: Groundnut, Maize, Cotton, Guinea Corn, Rice, Yam, Onions, Tomatoes, Wheat. Kebbi State Capital: Birmin Kebbi Main Towns: Birmin Kebbi, Gwandu Natural Resources: Gypsum, marble, and Kaolin Agricultural Resources: Millet, wheat and Guinea Corn Points of Interest: Argungu Fishing Festival - a major international event featuring regatta, cultural dances, agricultural air, drama, motor rally and archery competition.

Points of Interest: Wall that surrounds Katsina-900 years old with its seven different gates. Kanta Museum in Argungu is also a tourist attraction in this state.

Nigeria has a lot of potentials and have been under explored by out Government. Many of the natural resources in terms of solid minerals are found in the North. Natural Resources: Columbite, Gold, Cassilerite, Coal, Limestone, Iron Ore, Antimony, Marble, Agricultrual Resources: Millet, Coffee, Cottom, Buinea Corn, Maize, Yams, Tomatoes.

The Savanna soil type would support mineralization activity than heavy rainfall areas, where mineralization will more easily be followed by increased weathering activities that degrade solid minerals.2. Points of Interest: Yankari Game Reserve with warm spring at Wikki Lame Burra Game Reserve, Tomb of Late Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, first Prime Minister of the Federation.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Politics / Nigerian States And Their Natural Resources (265871 Views) "Full List Of 2016 Budgets For Nigeria States And Allocated Revenue " / Ten Nigerian States With Highest IGR / The Proposed 18 New States And Their Capital (1) (2) (3) (4) I brought out this list for us Nigerians to be reflective of the fact that upon all this, an average Nigerian is still suffering. The Government does not want to pay the minimum wage of just 18,000N which amounts to nothing. SMH I am not yoruba but thanks for the compliment Yes I see you point but the so call north that rule only ruled for there pockets and not for us Lets leave this north and south thing and face it as a country. it would out an end to MEND and other states are contributing there quarter as well Thank you. Agricultural Resources: Cocoa, Palm Oil, Maize, Rice, Cassava.

Nigeria has a lot of potentials and have been under explored by out Government. There are resources in the south as well that has not been explored like You pointed out. Though the perennial deficiency of human capital to harness them is another huge factor that . Points of Interest: Ijele masquerade from Aguleri, Omaba festival, Yearly yam festival, Odinani Museum at Nri.

Popluar Markets: Kurmi, Sabon-Gari and Kantin-Kwan (all in Kano municipality).

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