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After about 3 years, we found ourselves on the most beautiful vacation where Michael proposed on the beach in St. The Ceremony will be held outdoors in the amphitheater and the reception to immediately follow indoors.

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His recurring character Ryan O'Halloran is killed after appearing in every season since the fifth.

Neal Baer, who wanted to "explore characters' reactions to a death in an interesting way" decided to kill off the character and informed Doyle of the decision a few weeks before the episode was filmed.

Whether it's 100 or 0 degrees outside, these cameras work.

And they give beautiful latitude compared with digital." Law & Order: Special Victims Unit continued using motion picture cameras for another two years but was ultimately switched to digital for Season 13.

She said that the head of NBC daytime "wanted to make Days of Our Lives less of an island and get people from our show onto other NBC shows." In the third episode "Swing", Ellen Burstyn portrayed Bernadette Stabler, Elliot Stabler's mother who suffers from bipolar disorder.

She won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for the role.

Early in "Lunacy", detectives learn that their evidence is degraded due to eels feasting on the body.

Prop master Anthony Munafo mentioned that he spent eight hours finding a pet store that would sell them enough eels of the right size.

It was the last season of the show to occupy the Tuesday 10pm/9c timeslot.

The tenth season introduced writer Daniel Truly to SVU.

We spent the first couple of years as friends before actually dating.

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