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Those same three principles can guide any black Catholic single to find his or her soul mate.

Being a black Catholic single is about finding a niche in which to share your love and faith in God with your loving kindness towards others.

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It can also help create lifetime friendships and potential lifetime loves!

Why not share your unique traditions and values with others?

Do you think that men feel the same way about finding their future wives? I say so not because I can read the male mind, but because on the night I got engaged my husband gave me a gift that gave me a glimpse into his head and heart.

After walking into my living room one night and seeing the floor covered with rose petals, lit candles, and Brian standing there in a suit, I realized this was not going to be a typical Saturday night!

Brian isn’t the only guy who has questioned when he would meet his future wife and if all the waiting would be worth it.

I asked seven of our Catholic male friends to share how they met their future wives and how they knew she was the one God had for them. After years of following God’s call in seminary and discerning my vocation was to marriage, I felt that time was not on my side.

Online services, volunteering, and staying active in your local parish are all ways for a black Catholic single to meet others with similar interests, values, and attitudes.

Serving the community or church with others is a wonderful way for a black Catholic single to stay in touch with his or her traditions and core values.

Sure enough, moments later Brian knelt down and asked me to be his wife.

Right before he did, he handed me an envelope, which I would open later that evening after he went home.

We were both put on a project, became friends, and then went back to our lives.

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