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Maybe your car doesn’t have a USB slot to plug in flash memory or an i Pod, only a CD player. Add music Before adding a track to the burn list, a handy feature is the Real Player Trimmer.

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Fix Tags with automatic lookup and tagging of album art and lyrics and lookup other information via Auto-tag addons which connect to various music sites.

Lookup CD information on Freedb or via CD-TEXT, and find missing track details through music-related sites such as Discogs.

Inner sleeve:"Perpetual Conversion" and "Lord Of This World" recorded at Baby Monster Studios, NYC with Steve Burgh in a very short period of time."Perpetual Larceny" recorded, sampled, mixed and destroyed by Steve Gurney and Russell of Larceny.

Larceny appear courtesy of Sub-Bass Records."Walking Corpse" taken from the Earache album "Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses".

Even with a world full of i Pods, MP3 players, digital home media servers and car audio systems that play music from USB flash memory; people still burn CDs.

In addition to playing, downloading and converting a wide variety of digital audio and video formats, Real Player can also record, or burn CD-R and CD-RW media.

There isn’t much else you can really ask for in a CD burner.

Having one built-in to a combination player, downloader, and file format converter is a rare find.

This is a necessary feature for those who still want or need their music on CDs.

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