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Men of India is also interested in featuring other role models who work behind the scenes or in the field of Social Causes, Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fitness, and Men’s health. Thanks to all our followers, fans, and friends, Men of India have hit a milestone today!

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Chat dating bangalore

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If you have a file server in your corporate environment and want to move all files to another location with all security information / file permissions (ACLs), you can use robocopy, a built-in tool which can be called simply from a command prompt of a Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 installed computer.

If you want to copy all the files into the new file server by keeping directory tree as it is and security information / file permissions, you can simply use the following command to achieve that; robocopy “source address” “destination address” *.* /mir /sec If you have copied the files before with another tool or technique but without any file permissions or security information (ACLs), you can fix the security information of each file and add file permissions using the following command; robocopy “source address” “destination address” *.* /mir /secfix /sec Using the command above, you don’t need to copy all files again or try to write a script to add access control list to each file, robocopy will read the file permissions from the existing directory tree and add the security information to each file in the new location.

At one point, I was driven out of the hostel because they suspected I was gay. Once the college was over, I thought I was done with my share of bullying. Another article got published recently, that is after I won the title. Everyone around me not only respects me but also shares my achievements on their FB profiles with pride and affection. For them, being a scientist is a matter of respect but being a Gay icon can only bring shame. When I am home, I like my body to breathe free and not through a garment. Here is the voting link- This month Men of India is celebrating Proud Indian Men who make a difference in their Communities.

But it continued even during my research fellowship. But now they all have accepted me and celebrate me. Standing up, voicing out and constantly fighting for rights can take a toll on personal health. I do my workout regularly and follow a healthy diet. Sunil Menon has been a trail blazer when it comes to fighting for equality within the LGBT community in India.We think we know the reason for this unbearable heatwave…..Our Man of the Month Nutritionist and Fitness model Rao from Haryana.Winners were selected based on a few different criteria, including Fitness, Talent, Confidence, and Charm.Kuldeep certainly has confidence, and charm, and his fitness journey is taking shape nicely! Follow him on instagram @kul_fitness Monsoon rains have started in South India. Meanwhile the climate is still rising in most of North India.As a kid, I would collect paper cuttings of Nobel prize winners and tell my father he would see my name there one day. But today, I am a person of my own, doing my little bit to add value to people’s life. (laughs) It is fun because we are conditioned to fit people into boxes.

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