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This is likely for either of the following: * Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are annoyed at "colonial" being in the name.

As existing investments are run-off, there will be significant savings in agency fees; in 2015, FRCL paid £4.6m to Harbour Vest and Pantheon." Not sure how this will pan out.

PE investing requires different skills than those needed for running a generic investment trust.

Like many PE stock as you have pointed out, FPEO is no longer as cheap as it used too be.

I'm here, and in UIL (which you know) but also in Witan and Fundsmith.

Of course that EM component may have a lot to do with Utilico Emerging Markets (see the FRCL portfolio), which in turn is pretty steady too despite its EM label.

UEM has been hitting its all time high over the past week.75318219 The PDF should appear on the F&C website soon.The share price has been bobbing up and down the £6 mark for a while now. :)Fundsmith, yes, I have heard of it and looked at a video about it on AJ Bells.If I were to invest in a fund, that would be the one. I assume you meant BTEM (for BEM, which is a mining trust), which I am already happy to hold.I would have bet on the Pound to drop even more, but logic is not what it used to be. Looks like all the recent gains (past week or so) had been due to sugar highs thanks to Sterling tanking. I hope today's drop in FRCL is an overreaction the other way this time.And another Sterling rout announced for tomorrow after the Sunday papers having learnt what the PM will say on Tuesday: Brexit means out of the EU, out of the Single Market, out of everything EU. FRCL should shot up by another 6 to 12p in one day. The markets got spooked by the PM's comments during her interview on Sky.I put 10% of my assets in it 4 years ago: if I had put everything in I would now be lord of the manor! Trying hard to make FRCL my biggest holding or at least a big anchor in the pf, but UIL Ltd still refuses to give way. To indulge into my PE vice, I had considered PIN/PINR too but settled with FPEO, which has turned out a better choice than I had originally counted on.

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