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According to their quality of work in the bollywood film industry, the following list has been settled down as the top ten celebrities of the Indian film industry. Katrina Kaif A British Indian actress, Katrina Kaif has performed in Bollywood, Telugu and Malayalam pictures and has held the No. According to the last year’s receipts of the box office, the toymaker Mattel announced that a forthcoming Barbie doll will be designed according to this actress. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Holding the title of Miss World of 1994, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was a model before she turned into an actress.

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Natural gas burns more cleanly as compared to the other fossil fuels like coal and oil.

In addition, it produces lesser carbon dioxide in relation to the energy that is released per unit.

Natural gas is also being effectively used for the production of paints, fabrics, steel, glass and other essential products.

Because of its very low density it is invariably very easy to transport natural gas.

The other byproducts include ethane, propane, butane, pentane and hydrocarbons with high molecular weight and elemental sulfur, carbon dioxide, water vapor and at times helium and nitrogen.

Natural gas is undoubtedly the major source for the generation of the electricity via gas and steam turbines.In This category there are 9 Country chat rooms for USA, UK, Arab, Spain, Europe, India, china and Pakistan.Meet hundreds of attractive People in these chat rooms. Connect and meet new attractive people live with No registration or signup required. Find plenty of people interested to make new friends online through video chat. Here you will able to chat with anonymous strangers instantly and where you can pick another user at randomly very fast.Natural gas is a major livestock feedstock and the most important source of fuel.Natural gas has to undergo several steps of processing in order to remove all the other materials present except methane.CNG carrier ships comprising the sea transport are highly under development and are truly a competitive option as compared to the LNG transport.

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