setting and updating of system components v1 1 2 - Chat request from 42

Clients may use this information to display the running estimated time to the user.

User clients should assume the estimated time counts down at a rate of one per second between status updates.

We recommend every 15 seconds, but the best solution will depend on application dependent factors and the service may decide to send updates at any interval or never (relying on the client to request the information).

Receipt of the invitation indicates that the user is no longer in the queue and that they should join the chat room using the standard XMPP groupchat protocol in order to converse with an agent.

When an agent is ready to chat with the user, the user MUST be sent a standard XMPP groupchat invitation to a chat room.

Users have the option to cancel their chat request at any time.

Once they have joined the queue, they may receive zero or more status updates from the workgroup service informing them of their status in the queue.

Clients may use this information to display the current queue position to the user.

A position of 0 (zero) indicates the user is currently being routed.

[email protected]/platinum-plan or [email protected]/xmpp-products. Implementations should gracefully handle services with only one queue (using [email protected]) or multiple queues.

Workgroup queues are identified by a unique resource name: e.g.

The sender of the depart request receives a successful result packet: Example 13.

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