Chat rooms monitoring cybersex and foul language

“Law enforcement are bombarded with cases of child sexual solicitation, so our tool triages these cases for law enforcement by analyzing the chats based on differences in language, to provide a risk assessment score on the likelihood that these individuals [might be] a contact-driven offender.” The algorithm was developed by analyzing 4,353 messages in 107 different chat sessions that involved sex offenders who were later arrested.

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Furthermore, what may be inappropriate for one group is crucial for another group.

Technological Solutions There are problems with cybersex - most of them related to children.

And certainly most of the electronic chat and commentary is less outrageous than what can be heard over phone lines or at bars and cocktail parties.

Legislative and regulatory bodies should consider carefully the implications of attempting to use technology as an excuse for attacking First Amendment freedoms.

Because of the sheer amount of conversation that takes place on the internet, it aims to do a job that would be impossible to carry out without an entire army of dedicated humans: To monitor online conversations and highlight instances in which adults are behaving in a suspiciously inappropriate way.

“CATT analyzes the chats between minors and different types of child sex offenders, specifically offenders [who aim to] meet up with minors for sex in the real world, and fantasy-driven offenders [interested in] cybersex fantasy,” Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, assistant professor of computer and information technology at Purdue, told Digital Trends.

Baby's Bath Water Ill-phrased legislation targeted only for technology-aided speech, press or assembly could inadvertently prohibit electronic exchange of text or images in medical records, legal briefs, court evidence, suicide intervention, child-safety information, law enforcement details, sex counseling, AIDS awareness, art history, gallery photography and so on -especially recognizing that computer networks are global in scope.

Sexual content forms a continuum, from essential to outrageous.

Or they may be chatting in private electronic rooms, assembling in electronic Hyde Parks or publishing paperless periodicals using recyclable digital ink.

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