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The season normally starts in Palma de Mallorca (best place to go at the start and end of the season) and then moves on to France or Italy.Mid-season you want to be based around Antibes, this is because there is a good support network and it’s a short train ride to Monaco, Nice and Cannes.(It’s often better to jump on the train to look for work outside of Antibes!

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These are only the best starting spots where the boats get work done – i.e. As a saffa travelling on a SA passport, I’m going to throw this one in here.

Visa’s are a bitch and not having them will often cost you a job.

If it’s an American flagged vessel you’ll need other visa’s that allow you to work in America.

To avoid tax, make sure that you’re never in 1 country for more than 183 days.

A little bit of experience goes a long way and without it it’s very hit and miss. Prepare for that – it’s far better to be pleasantly surprised. In winter (November to May) they go South to the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida.

In Florida want to base yourself in Fort Lauderdale (venture to Miami and West Palm as well), from there you’ll catch trips to the Bahamas, and in the Caribbean you want to head to St Maartin or Antigua. Either up the US coast to Boston, Maine and Newport (Newport is the place you want to be) or across the Atlantic to the Med.Charter guests are paying about 0k – 0k per week.That food better be awesome and those cabins perfect.I had extensive racing experience before I left and worked up from the deck to an engineers role on private sailing yachts.I’ve put a very brief summary of my relevant experience at the bottom.It is far more like a floating hotel where everything just has to work. NOTE: Some large sail yachts (over 150 feet) act more like motor yachts than sail yachts.

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