Chelsea handler dating e president ontario dating laws

“In my career I’ve done more sexual harassing that I’ve been sexually harassed,” she said.But she quickly added on a more serious note: “If you’re a powerful woman and that happens to you, you have a responsibility to tell everybody and make it public.“It’s gross, it’s disgusting,” she said of social media. Handler has put a big focus on politics and highlighting people who get into politics “for all the right reasons” on her show.

Chelsea handler dating e president

Handler does pick up feedback about her audience from social media.

She has had to boost her activity on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to enhance her profile. It didn’t take long for the subject of Donald Trump and the extraordinary 2016 presidential race to surface during the conversation.

I feel like that’s a really strong message and I’m not ever going to let that go.” “Chelsea” is about halfway through its production of 90 episodes for its first season. Handler said she tries to stay away from too much emphasis on highly topical material because of the on-demand nature of the way people watch Netflix.

But she won’t stay away from a topical subject if she’s particularly inspired to address something.

The experience of working for Netflix, with its massive global reach, is very different — and she’s not complaining. But they have yet to give her detailed information about her viewership.

“I don’t think they trust me enough to give me that information,” she joked.

Handler’s very high price point would likely make her show prohibitive for smaller cable networks such as comedy-centered IFC.

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be working with Donald Trump on his campaign for the presidency. ” Pressed on the subject of sexism in the industry, Handler said she herself had never felt victimized because of her gender.

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