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Her friends and coworkers are very supportive, especially April and Maggie, who are shown at the end of the episode helping her put together a crib for the baby.

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Natalie's maternity leave ends, and she returns to work, much to the joy of both her and her coworkers, although she misses Owen.

Her first patient, a 13-year-old girl diagnosed with mitochondrial disease by her father, has some inconsistencies in her symptoms that suggest she's been misdiagnosed.

Natalie reveals that she had aspirations of being a violinist and bonds with the patient; later, when Will tells the patient that she needs surgery, she refuses to consent until she speaks to Natalie.

Natalie comforts her, explaining that even if she loses her hearing, she will always be able to play through muscle memory, and the two of them play a violin piece together before she is anesthetized.

She is successful and Natalie is able to give birth without surgery, but the baby is initially not breathing and has to be resuscitated.

However, the baby is successfully revived and determined to be a perfectly healthy boy, who Natalie names Owen.They treat and release her, but Natalie is shaken about the mistake she made, as she was so sure of her diagnosis.Natalie goes on a tour of a birthing facility with Maggie, who is acting as her birthing buddy; later, Natalie speaks to the pregnant girlfriend of a patient who died after getting hit by a car, as she is in a similar situation.The couple were close with Jeff's best friend, Jeff Clarke, as well as his wife.However, shortly before Manning deployed again and was killed in action, Clarke told him that he was in love with Natalie. She played the violin and aspired to be a violinist, with becoming a doctor as her fallback plan.

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