Childless women dating fathers

I have nothing personal against women with kids..believe me when i say that there are few men over 40 without kids, who aspire to date women with 1 or more kids (unless they have an incredible yearning to care and nurture young kids)...their ideal is to always find a mate who is often childless..they could focus all their emotions on each other.......a woman with kids will always put her kids first (and so it should be), and it gets way more complicated if there is an Ex in the picture. Whether that's by chance or choice, that 's their problem or prerogative.

If you like them with children, there is no shortage of those, either. I know several over 40 guys who never married and never had kids.(hey, they make great wingmen/LOL)anyways..just never wanted to. Guys don't have that biological clock ticking that women do. Not sure if I pity them..envy em.:-PUhm............

I have to say questions like this irks me sometimes, Im one of those guys in my 40's never had children and Im not planning to have any, I have 4 godchildren, was there for their birth, did the burping, feeding, changed diapers, weekends at my place to give the parents a break, so ive been a part time dad, full time godfather.

What irks me is women like automatically assume something is wrong with us because 1) never had children or 2) never been married, look how many single dads out there, half time dads, has their kids every other weekend if at all, bitter custody battles, baby mama drama, you would think we would be consider a decent catch because we haven't been tainted by the stigma of divorced single parent and all the trappings that follows.

Can a single guy relate to a woman that has children?

of course, it depends on the maturity of the guy, if he's a party animal that is care free and loose, of course not, if he's mature, responsible and understands single moms are not like their single counterpart and can accept being in second position to the kids then they have a chance to succeed.

Youch, "what happened" sounds sorta like an accusation to my eyes, did you mean it like that? They decided not to by being extra careful when having sex They had themselves "fixed"Kids are NOT their cup of tea Their boys can't swim They just haven't found someone who they see fitto be the mother of their kids Could they want to date a woman with kids?

What might have happened is they didn't become parents like millions do by unintentionally impregnating one or more equally un-thinking, un-safe, un-responsible sex-havers. I am really curious how they missed having children or getting married. Everybody is different"Hmmph, well you are no fun."Yes, I've been told that!

I'm a 40 woman that never birthed a child.....I don't mind dating men with "grown" children.

When I was younger, I dated men with young children. Just because I didn't want any for myself......doesn't mean I don't like kids or don't mind being a part of their lives.

As for those that think my original post is a bit harsh, I did not mean it to be.

I really honestly do wonder how and why men in their 40s did not have children or (many times too) did not get married at least once.

Many men purposely choose NOT to have often because of job issues, school, lifestyle, economics...child-bearing/rearing can be put on hold...remember that men don't have so-called biologic clocks like women.secondly, don't make the mistake of thinking that these men have few women to choose from!

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