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To perform the experiment, the researchers created four different profiles that differed along two basic dimensions.One of those dimensions was what they call "selective self-presentation," or the degree to which people emphasized the best parts of themselves and minimized the worst.Choose clothes that fit Go through your wardrobe and choose clothes that fit who you are and not a version you think people want to see. Holding a book looks natural, but holding a magic wand is a bit much.

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From this, I might conclude that Chris is a homebody. In these photos, Chris appears in novel situations.

To me, he seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t like to stay in one place. Is Chris a goofy guy who struggles to take himself (and others) seriously?

The second dimension they looked at was "warranting" -- basically, backing up any written claims by including some kind of evidence, such as detailed personal information that could be verified online, or links to a third-party professional site that could verify their biography.

The researchers asked a group of 316 nationally representative online daters to review one of the four sample online dating profiles, which had some combination of high or low selective self-presentation and high or low warranting.

The environment should be obvious but not overshadow you as the focal point.

People may be judging your face online, which is awkward, but it shows confidence to have clear, well-lit portraits. Strike a pose Either ask a friend who has some basic knowledge of framing to photograph you or use a tripod. "Ask the person to tilt her head slightly and maybe even put her face in such a position that the nose looks like it is against the cheek," is my personal favorite tip from the pro.

Even if you exclude the other four senses, a single picture doesn’t even do a great job of showing what you look like. Sometimes you’re laying in your bed and sometimes you’re laughing with a friend outside on a sunny day. Furthermore, we live in a 3D world that photos can’t accurately capture. Anyone who can remove their ego from the equation and see their profiles for what they really are — pixels — will have much greater success with optimizing how they’re coming across to attract the right connections.

To illustrate this, we took pictures of the same guy (let’s call him Chris) and arranged them into five different Tinder profiles. But you’ll see that swapping out one picture for another often drastically alters how he comes across (and even what he looks like, in the basic sense) — despite him being the same guy all along. So much is lost in the translation that, if we’re not skillful, we even have to contend with optical illusions. Know for certain how you’re coming across in pictures with Photofeeler.

But the study suggests that, when it comes to online dating, this approach may backfire.

The researchers found that people with high selective self-presentation were seen as bragging about their looks and their accomplishments -- and were in turn seen as less socially attractive and less trustworthy.

People appreciated those who seemed humble but also specific, and especially those who had other sources do their bragging for them.

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