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The truth is, the bible says nothing about dating, but it has a lot to say about your heart, your character, integrity, and how to love and serve one another. All joking aside, as believers we should hold ourselves to higher standards and be curious about more than the question of “how far is too far?

” Let’s ask better questions and engage our hearts, minds, spirits, and bodies to His truth.

Blake and Jordan’s story of pursuing Jesus in their dating relationship is one I felt needed to be shared with our readers.

Grab a cup of coffee, (or tea) and settle in for some heartfelt honesty and wisdom!

Invest in your Relationship For Valentine’s Day last year Jordan got us both tickets to a marriage conference put on by my favorite author.

I know I’m a nerd, but it was seriously the kindest gesture.

Being kind is being clear I (Blake) learned fairly quickly that even with all the feels of falling in love, the serotonin overflow did not compensate for us still being wired completely differently as a man and a woman.

Being in love doesn’t magically mean he can read my mind and we all know saying “I’m fine” just ain’t the truth.

It’s no question that an important part of any healthy relationship is unpacking each other’s story.

However, unpacking all your suitcases for the other to see on the first, second, third, even fourth date is just asking for trouble.

We both have a knack for reading, listening, and immersing ourselves in wisdom that teaches and challenges us to know God and be who He created us to be.

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