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Kristen states that, once we realized what HIV actually was, we were able to develop the first antibody test to definitively tell when someone had HIV.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2013, there were approximately 35 million people around the globe who were living with HIV or AIDS.

Of these, some 3.2 million were children under the age of 15.

These numbers are dire, especially when one considers that, in previous decades, a great majority of these individuals would have been dead by the decade’s close. Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, HIV is no longer considered a terminal illness; rather, scientists list it as “chronic, manageable illness.” It’s not fun, and you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life, but (and this is the notable thing) we In short, HIV is the virus.

It attacks our bodies and leads to AIDS, which is a condition that develops when a person’s T-cells drop below 200. Relevant: Immunodeficiency Virus, meaning that only humans are carriers).

But although AZT saved lives, Kristen is quick to clarify that its side effects created a host of new nightmares for HIV/AIDS patients.

In addition to the standard side effects that come with most medications, such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting, AZT is also known to cause severe blood problems (including a decrease in red blood cells and white blood cells), muscle wasting, and severe (sometimes fatal) liver problems. Prior to this, we used monotherapy (a reliance on exclusively one drug for treatment).

But despite its complications, it is this drug that, for the most part, was all that we had for the next decade. “What we noticed is that people would do really well one drug for maybe six months, a year, or even a couple of years,” Kristen explains.

“Then their numbers [their T-cell count] would start to slip, and they would get really sick again.” She goes on to note that the only recourse was to switch to another drug, which would work for a time and then, like the drug that came before it, it would be rendered ineffective.

Then, in the mid-90s, we started to give people all the different drugs at the same time.

What they figured out is that you need to take at least three different drugs out of three different classes of drugs.

And if that keeps happening, if that’s the only medication in the person’s body, all we have left is the mutated, resistant virus.

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