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Similar Red Brown Earth soils 400 km north in the Clare Valley showed either no, or poor, biological fractionation signature in their bulk soil.

The Clare Valley soils have a stronger colluvial component and are richer in base cations than the Coonawarra and Padthaway sites.

Biological fractionation has not left a discernible signature on the composition of the bulk soil. (2003) Geochemical tracing of dissolved solids between soil, water and grapes in an unirrigated vineyard in the Clare Valley, South Australia.

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In the base-poor soils of the Coonawarra–Padthaway area of South Australia, the degree of weathering of soil material, as estimated by titania and alumina contents, correlated very well with the biological fractionation indicator Ba/Ca.

Soil horizons with greater clay and titania content also had higher degrees of biological fractionation.

For the base-poor soils of the Coonawarra–Padthaway area, the most likely major source of aeolian detritus is Murray River mud. Access to vineyards and logistical support was provided by Gartner Wineries (Coonawarra, South Australia), Stonehaven Vineyards (Naracoorte, South Australia), and Botanical Holdings (Clare, South Australia).

The fine-grained component of this mud, with its organic matter content, relatively high base cation concentrations, and low strontium isotope ratios (Douglas et al. Agricultural history of field sites was kindly provided by L.

as it is the only nucleus more sensitive than protium, generating very large signals.

However, tritium's radioactivity discouraged many studies of T-NMR.

Pake then calculated the proton-proton bond distance.

NMR measurements were further revolutionized when commercial machines became available in the 1960s.

Deuterium has a different magnetic moment and spin than protium, but generally a much smaller signal.

Historically, deuterium NMR is a poor alternative to proton NMR, but has been used to study the behavior of lipids on membranes.

There are two stable isotopes of hydrogen, protium H, which vary in relative abundance on the order of hundreds of permil.

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