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For men’s basketball prospects, coaches may use any form of electronic transmission so long as it is private after June 15 following a prospect’s sophomore year.

This includes instant messaging, text message, email, or private messages on Twitter or Facebook.

The list of printed recruiting materials is long and complicated, but it includes most things a coach would want to mail.

The biggest headache is that it limits the size, color, and design of some mailings. If something is not private, it is not permitted due to the NCAA’s rules against a school publicizing their recruiting efforts.

The NCAA has three basic categories of correspondence.

Note which forms of communication are in each category: The NCAA’s correspondence rules are very particular.

The most popular means of communication this prohibits are text messaging and instant messaging (like AIM or Google Chat).

Twitter direct messages are prohibited, since they are like short emails.

Same if the coach calls and is unable to reach the prospect or his or her parents.

If a call from a coach is dropped, the coach may call back immediately once they are able again.

In most sports, printed materials can be sent starting September 1 of a prospect’s junior year in high school.

For men’s basketball, the start date is June 15 following sophomore year in high school.

Right now, the NCAA classifies electronic transmissions by asking two questions, one easy to answer, the other harder. Email has two defining characteristics that seem to drive NCAA decision making: 1.

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