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(The default for this page, if implemented, would be e-mail confirmation.) By default, the Web Forms page automatically validates that malicious users are not attempting to send script to your application even if you do not use validation controls. For information about the difference between these Web project types, see text box can be converted to a date value. The first is the custom validation code that runs when the page is submitted.For more information, see In the first part of the walkthrough, you will create a Web site and a page where you can work with styles. You must always have server-side validation logic for a control as well.

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Public Enum Check Type ct String = 0 ct Real = 1 ct Decimal = 2 ct Integer = 3 ct Byte = 4 End Enum Private m Allow Negative As Boolean = True Private m Allow Null As Boolean = True Private m Check Type As Check Type = Check String _ Private Sub Rule Check Me() '// Rule Checking If Me. Text Length = 0 Then If m Allow Null = False Then Main. Text Box1, "You are required to provide this value.") Me. Length 0 Then 'TODO: Figure out how to cope with input masks!

Valid = False Else If m Allow Negative = False And Me.

In the walkthrough, you will create a page for a Web site that allows visitors to request a reservation.

Because the purpose of the walkthrough is to illustrate validation, the nature of the reservation is not important (for example, if could be for a restaurant, a community center meeting room, or something else), and the page does not actually process the reservation.

They are harder to understand but offer better performance. Which is easier if you don't know regex but is less performant.

This could be a viable option, depending on how hard the validation is.

Text Box1, "This field does not accept non-numeric values.") Me.

Private Sub txt Validating(sender As Object, e As System.

Success Then Msg Box("Please enter alpha text only.") Text Box1.

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