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This model, along with all of Fallkniven’s fixed blades, is made by Hattori, Seki Japan.

Place dough in a large, buttered bowl, turning to coat all sides.

Cold Steel followed up that movie appearance with a limited edition run of 500 serial numbered knives.

NL1 and H-160 guard pommel and screw The current Cold Steel Sanmai Trailmaster uses a different stainless guard in the same shape as the brass ones used on their Carbon Steel models. Aus6 TM and VG1 SM TM The Fallkniven Lights NL1 Thor was introduced in 2002 and is the largest of the Northern Lights series.

NL1 and VG1 SM TM However the early Aus6 and Aus8 core Sanmai Trailmasters used a stainless guard that is exactly like that of the H-160 and NL1 except that it is a mm or two thinner. Originally shipped with a brown leather sheath with a Viking helmet logo, it now ships with a black leather one.

The Cold Steel Trailmaster was introduced in 1987-198 and consequently has a long history, and a considerable following of it’s own. The ones made in Japan at this time are extremely rare.

These early Trailmasters had a convex grind but then changed to a flat grind.

A 2nd generation 16JS was made 1998-2001 using Aus6.

It had a convex ground blade, called a rolled edge in the catalog, similar to the current VG1 Sanmai model.

While it has been renewed to some extent in early 2018 under Taiwan manufacture, the VG1 Sanmai Trail Master remains the only Cold Steel knife still manufactured by Hattori, Seki Japan.

Special thanks for research and photos provided by John Lauffer and the Cold Steel Forums.

There is little to say about this model other than that since it’s introduction it has been considered by many to be the best big bowie available today.

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