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And, 62-90% of that interaction is determined by the color of the product alone. This article discusses the use of color in website design.

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Suffice it to say that it’s a pretty complicated field.

Some skeptics are even dismissive of the whole field of color psychology, due to the difficulty of testing theories.

“Color,” writes Neil Patel, is “85% of the reason you purchased a specific product.” It’s a no-brainer fact of any website that color affects conversions. So, the bottom line is: use the right colors, and you win.

In order to really appreciate the tips below, you’ll benefit from a little information on color psychology.

Color psychology is the science of how color affects human behavior.

Color psychology actually is a branch of the broader field of behavioral psychology.

33% of women confessed that orange was their least favorite color, followed by brown (33%) and gray (17%).

Other studies have corroborated these findings, revealing a female aversion to earthy tones, and a preference for primary colors with tints. Visit nearly any e-commerce site whose target audience is female, and you’ll find these female color preferences affirmed.

Thus, while pink may suggest femininity in color psychology, this doesn’t mean that pink is appealing to all women, or even most women.

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