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This is the place to do your life's best work.(sm) As a Field - Based Case Manager, you'll wear many hats, and work in a variety of environments.

Aided by the computer, a CT Scan is able to put together different “slices” and create a three dimensional view, clearly showing both bone and soft tissues.

Columbus Diagnostic Imaging features the GE CT Brightspeed Elite 16 slice.

This helps to identify certain structures such as the stomach and intestines.

The majority of procedures involve an intravenous injection of a special contrast.

(There should be no effect on patients if currently menstruating.)A full bladder is helpful for an OB ultrasound exam especially during early pregnancy.

Many measurements are taken in order to determine the age and weight of the baby.For a pelvic ultrasound, a full bladder is necessary to see the uterus and ovaries.On most patients, an internal scan is also performed.We provide a complete range of Outpatient Imaging services at a convenient location in Columbus.We are part of the Columbus Regional Health system and work closely with our hospital-based imaging services to extend our full range of services.Ultrasound is the use of sound waves to obtain a medical image or picture of various organs and tissues in the body. After taking a history, ultrasound patients are instructed to lie down on their back.

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